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Matt Grodsky

communications professional,

vice president, director of public affairs at matters of state strategies

I was gaining media attention before I graduated high school. I know how to hook the press and promote a story.

I  have always loved to tell stories. My childhood was spent creating movies with my neighborhood friends. When I became a teenager my passion for storytelling got to a point where I was gaining film festival accolades from around the world, media recognition, literary representation, and received a scholarship to attend Columbia College Chicago to study Cinema Art and Science. When I graduated from college, I married my pre-school sweetheart and girlfriend of eight years. As I was beginning my career in marketing, our love story went viral and I got my first taste of international media fame. I used my ability to tell stories as an asset when I represented government agencies and private sector organizations, helping them achieve their public relations and marketing goals. I then took my skills into the political world and became the Director of Communications for the Arizona Democratic Party, where I helped flip the state blue for the first time in 25 years.  I now serve as the Vice President of a political firm I co-founded with Ted Anderson called Matters of State Strategies.

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public affairs through the years

NBC 12 News - 2011
ABC15 - 2019
NowThis - 2017
Crokite/PBS - 2019
Steve Harvey Show - 2018
NBC KVOA Interview 0 2019
MSNBC - 2020
Tamron Hall Show 2020
NBC Arizona Nightly News - 2011
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