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New ‘No Labels’ party qualifies to run candidates in 2024

Arizona Capitol Times · Mar 8, 2023

A new political party is set to field candidates in Arizona in next year’s elections and its name says something about its view of traditional party politics: the newcomer is called the No Labels Party.

No Labels is a national organization that’s tried to encourage a certain kind of bipartisan, solutions-focused policymaking for years, but is now making an explicit push into elections by seeking official party status in all 50 states, pitching itself as an alternative to “extremes” on the political left and right.

Secretary of State Adrian Fontes confirmed on Tuesday that No Labels had collected enough signatures to legally put its candidates on the Arizona ballot.

The party’s website says it’s distinguished by being “intellectually open;” “about solutions;” and “spry and indefatigable.” A list of six “beliefs” guiding the group include caring for the country over any political party, respecting political opponents and supporting the U.S. military.

A 90-page policy document outlining 60 proposals from the party seems to hew closely to business-friendly priorities: job-creation; shoring up the financial future of Medicare and Social Security; balancing the federal budget; and making the country “energy secure” by 2030.

The Secretary of State’s Office determined that the party turned in 41,663 valid petition signatures, clearing the 34,127 minimum threshold for party registration. (No Labels turned in about 56,000 signatures in total, and a review found approximately 77% were valid.) Matt Grodsky, a spokesman for the Secretary of State, said the party is now qualified to run candidates in local, state and federal races in Arizona.

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